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Rotomat has years of experience in road traffic safety management. Rotomat guarantees the delivery of contracted work in compliance with applicable standards and regulations, plus the safety of contracted personnel.


Rotomat’s years-long business experience includes management and execution of Build and Design & Build contracts and all-season maintenance of roads and bridges.


Rotomat supports convenient and functional solutions at all stages of projects.


Rotomat is a team of experts with years of experience, high competences, and obligatory licenses held for the management of road, bridge and building construction projects.


Rotomat Sp. z o.o. of Wrocław: the provider of road construction and renewal, traffic controls and management solutions.

Road signs: road surface markings and vertical signs; production and rental of road sign solutions;

Traffic light systems; all-season road maintenance; snow clearing and sanitation.

Mamut Ślężański

Z dumą przedstawiamy Mamuta Ślężańskiego. Ta niesamowita konstrukcja od jakiegoś czasu wita wszystkich przybyłych do Ślężańskiego Parku Wspólnotowego. Jednocześnie ożywia krajobraz i cieszy odwiedzających Polanę Mamuta …
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road infrastructure maintenance

  • Winter road maintenance: snow clearing and installation and servicing of snow fences
  • Road pavement spot maintenance and repairs
  • Sanitation and cleaning of roadsides, road drain systems and roadside green spaces
  • Road traffic safety maintenance: road surface markings and vertical signs, traffic light systems, and traffic safety controls
  • Temporary traffic management and controls; road structural failure containment and management


Construction contract
management and execution

  • Temporary traffic management
  • Permanent traffic control
  • Discipline-specific design engineering
  • Land development
  • Electrical wiring, power engineering and ELV/data systems
  • Environmental protection
  • Industrial equipment

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    • Workplace ergonomics: anti-fatigue industrial convenience mats
    • Work safety: column and rack guards
    • Equipment for Lean, 5S, and visual management support
    • Environmental protection

    Road and parking sign systems; road traffic safety

    • Manufacturing and lease of road signs
    • Road traffic controls
    • Temporary signing: road signs and traffic controls
    • Parking space outfit: road signs, barriers and blockers

    Surface markings: street printed ads

    • Outdoor ad and notice systems
    • Surface information signs
    • Surface navigation and ad signs
    • Pedestrian pavement sticker ads

    Extruded thermoplastic markings-Surface traffic markings and pictograms

    • Manufacturer of preformed road sign components
    • Surface traffic markings
    • Skid-resistant surfacing solutions
    • Ready-made extruded thermoplastic pavement pictograms