Temporary traffic management

Implementation, maintenance, lease, and design engineering


Rotomat has years of experience in professional design engineering and implementation of temporary traffic management. Rotomat also provides services in the containment of road pavement failure sites, and water, sewage, gas and power line failure sites within roadways. The large, highly qualified and experienced team at Rotomat is backed by a comprehensive equipment park which enables:

  • Flexible response to customer quantity specifications and lead times for temporary road signing deployment.
  • Maintenance of road signs in compliance with approved project documentation and to ensure traffic safety.
  • The ability to secure and protect long term or rapid work with mobile traffic control signals.
  • Delivery of services for all road categories (municipal, poviat, provincial and national roads, expressways and motorways).

Completed projects:

  • Budimex S.A. ul. Stawki 40 Warsaw
  1. Construction of expressway S5 between Mielno interchange and Gniezno, chainage limits km 0+000 to km 18+330.21
  • Berger Bau Polska
  1. Reinforcement of the National Road 94 structure between Mazurowice and Wrocław, stage I: Środa Śląska to Wrocław
  • Eurovia
  1. Construction of the eastern carriageway of a provincial road between Bielany, Łany and Długołęka, stage IV, tasks 5 and 1, chainage limits km 0+344.55 to km 0+717.61. This was delivered under the project work package titled ‘Construction of a Provincial Road between National Road 94 to Provincial Road 455, complete with interchanges’, and stage I, task 3, delivered under the project work package titled ‘Construction of a Provincial Road between Żerniki Wrocławskie and Siechnice (from the roundabout in Provincial Road 395 to National Road 94)’.
  • Skanska S.A. Gen. J. Zajączka 9 01-518 Warsaw
  1. Redevelopment of ul. Zwycięska and ul. Kutrzeby which links National Road 5 and National Road 8 with the traffic network in Gmina Kobierzyce. This includedtask I, 03340 – the redevelopment of ul. Zwycięska between ul. Agrestowa and ul. Karkonoska; task II, 03370 – the redevelopment of Aleja Karkonoska, stage I; task III, 03580 – the redevelopment of ul. Kutrzeby from ul. Stachowskiego to the Ditch S-31 culvert.
  2. Redevelopment of the tramway track formation along ul. Pułaskiego in Wrocław, complete with carriageway and pedestrian pavement repairs between ul. Traugutta and ul. Kościuszki.
  3. Construction of the Żmigród spur road in Wrocław.
  4. Construction of Expressway S8 between Wrocław, Psiepole and Syców, stage II between Oleśnica (the Cieśle Interchange) and Syców (the Syców Wschód Interchange).
  5. Redevelopment of the tramway track formation along ul. Hubska between ul. Piękna to ul. Kamienna; a work package of the project titled ‘Integrated Light Rail Transport System in Wrocław and its Metropolitan Area, Stage I’.
  6. Construction of a spur road between the Wrocław Downtown Ring Road with Wrocław Airport, Stage I (ul. Strzegomska).
  • Skanska S.A.
  1. Integrated light rail transport system in Wrocław and its metropolitan area, stage I: reconstruction of the tramway track formation along ul. Legnicka between Plac Jana Pawła II and ul. Na Ostatnim Groszu.
  2. Construction of the Wrocław northern downtown ring road, Work Package 1 (between ul. Osobowicka and ul. Żmigrodzka).
  3. Construction of a spur road between the Wrocław downtown ring road with Wrocław Airport, stage I (ul. Strzegomska).
  4. Redevelopment of National Road 5 between Trzebnica and Wrocław.
  • ZDiUM (Road & City Maintenance Authority), ul. Długa 49 53-633 Wrocław
  1. Temporary traffic management during the 2012 UEFA Championships in Wrocław
  • AKME Zdzisław Wiśniewski
  1. Development, implementation, raising, maintenance and servicing of the works completed for an alternative traffic management. It was without Plettac fencing of the construction site,whereby completed with temporary traffic lights, permanent traffic control, and construction of permanent traffic lights under the Project Work Package titled ‘Redevelopment and extension of the carriageway and foot pavement along ul. Sucha, ul. Dyrekcyjna, ul. Joannitów and ul. Borowska, complete with technical infrastructure and soft landscaping’.