Discipline-specific design engineering

Discipline-specific design engineering

Production of construction design documentation and emergency site protection drafts. Temporary traffic management and modifications to public transport operations, with special focus on construction site traffic management. RoW encroachment and restoration, and traffic light reprogramming.


The long-standing experience of Rotomat enables development of project documentation that fully meets the requirements of traffic management authorities. That is why Rotomat secures proper survey reports and approvals from relevant administrative bodies – without undue delay. The project deliverables available from Rotomat include:

  • Emergency site protection drafts
  • Scheduled temporary traffic management
  • Modifications to public transport operations
  • Construction site traffic management
  • RoW pavement restoration
  • Traffic light reprogramming

Completed projects:

  • ZDiUM (Road & City Maintenance Authority), ul. Długa 49 53-633 Wrocław
  1. Construction of noise barriers along ul. Lotnicza between ul. Papiernicza and ul. Górnicza, complete with development of the project construction plans.
  2. Installation of a traffic light system at the intersection of ul. Kamienna and ul. Drukarska in Wrocław, complete with development of the project construction plans.
  3. Redevelopment of PlacŚw. Macieja and ul. Trzebnicka by separation of bicycle lanes in PlacŚw. Macieja and ul. Trzebnicka between ul. W. Łokietka to the intersection with ul. Św. Wincentego; construction of a bicycle track near PlacPowstańcówWielkopolskich; development of the project construction plans.
  • Wrocławskie Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.
  1. Construction of the Wrocław Park & Ride System, stage I, part 3: construction of a Wrocław Park & Ride System parking lot at the public transport borders Opolska and Głubczycka
  • Skanska S.A.
  1. Redevelopment of Natonal Road 5 between Trzebnica and Wrocław
  • Skanska S.A. Gen. J. Zajączka 9 01-518 Warsaw
  1. Construction of a spur road between the Wrocław Downtown Ring Road with Wrocław Airport, Stage I (ul. Strzegomska)
  2. Redevelopment of the tramway track formation along ul. Hubska between ul. Piękna to ul. Kamienna; a work package of the project titled ‘Integrated Light Rail Transport System in Wrocław and its Metropolitan Area, stage I’
  3. Construction of the Żmigród spur road in Wrocław
  4. Redevelopment of the tramway track formation along ul. Pułaskiego in Wrocław, complete with carriageway and pedestrian pavement repairs between ul. Traugutta and ul. Kościuszki
  5. Redevelopment of ul. Zwycięska and ul. Kutrzeby which link National Road 5 and National Road 8 with the traffic network in Gmina Kobierzyce. This includes: task I, 03340, redevelopment of ul. Zwycięska between ul. Agrestowa and ul. Karkonoska; task II, 03370, redevelopment of Aleja Karkonoska, stage I; task III, 03580, redevelopment of ul. Kutrzeby from ul. Stachowskiego to the Ditch S-31 culvert.
  • Budimex S.A. ul. Stawki 40 Warsaw
  1. Construction of Expressway S5 between the Mielnointerchange and Gniezno, chainage limits km 0+000 to km 18+330.21.
  • Berger BauPolska
  1. Reinforcement of the National Road 94 structure between Mazurowice and Wrocław, Stage I: ŚrodaŚląska to Wrocław