About us


Since 1992, Rotomat has been a recognised brand of comprehensive road safety maintenance. Rotomat’s business operations stem from invention and it has been constantly expanding the range of products and services. Rotomat follows the dynamic market growth by applying innovative technologies and meeting customer needs quickly and professionally. Rotomat’s highly qualified and experienced staff ensures reliable and timely contract lead times. The cornerstone of Rotomat’s business is flexible operation, compliance with contractual obligations and standards, care for high cosmetic quality and the environment, and a consistent growth of assets and operating effectiveness.

Key business areas:

  • Complex (all season) maintenance of roads and civil structures
  • Construction, re-development and renewal of roads, bicycle tracks and pedestrian pavements
  • Landscaping and land development services
  • Deployment of solutions for sustainable environmental protection
  • Containment of road pavement, water, sewage, gas and power line failure sites within roadways
  • Design and implementation of temporary traffic management
  • Construction and maintenance of:
  •   permanent traffic control (complete with surface markings and vertical signs);
  •   road safety systems;
  •   structural landscaping;
  •   roadway and traffic light systems;
  •   road restraint systems.

Industrial equipment

  • Workplace ergonomics: anti-fatigue industrial convenience mats
  • Work safety: column and rack guards
  • Equipment for Lean, 5S, and visual management support
  • Environmental protection

Road and parking sign systems; road traffic safety

  • Manufacturing and lease of road signs
  • Road traffic controls
  • Temporary signing: road signs and traffic controls
  • Parking space outfit: road signs, barriers and blockers

Surface markings: street printed ads

  • Outdoor ad and notice systems
  • Surface information signs
  • Surface navigation and ad signs
  • Pedestrian pavement sticker ads

Extruded thermoplastic markings-Surface traffic markings and pictograms

  • Manufacturer of preformed road sign components
  • Surface traffic markings
  • Skid-resistant surfacing solutions
  • Ready-made extruded thermoplastic pavement pictograms