zimowe utrzymanie dróg

We support road infrastructure managers in fully discharging their obligations in infrastructure component maintenance. This business area includes services for the public sector (road management authorities) and the private corporate sector (property developers and managers) that ensure the correct maintenance of roads, civil structures, parking areas and other roadway infrastructure components:

  • Winter maintenance of roads, pedestrian pavements, parking lots and civil engineering structures (preventive and emergency de-icing, snow clearance from roads and foot pavements, and snow fence installation)
  • Road pavement spot maintenance and repairs
  • Roadway cosmetic conservation (sanitation; management and conservation of greenery, roadsides and road drainage facilities)
  • Road safety maintenance (maintenance of vertical and horizontal signs, lamps, traffic lights and road safety & restraint systems)
  • Design and deployment of temporary road traffic organisation and failure containment of road pavement, and water, sewage, gas and power line failure sites within roadways