construction of roads

Construction contract management and execution

We offer a range of services in the construction, redevelopment and repair of roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian pavements, as well as landscaping and land development in the Build or Design & Build formulas: from pavement construction to utility installation within roadways and traffic safety components, traffic control, and greenery. Our designs focus on solutions which harmonize with the surroundings, consider the cost-effective aspects of the construction and further maintenance of the deployed infrastructure.

Temporary traffic organization

We have years of professional experience in the design and deployment of temporary road traffic organisation and the failure containment of roadway pavement and water, sewage, gas and power utility lines within roadways.
Our numerous, highly qualified and experienced staff, complemented by our complete range of equipment, enables our:

  • flexible response to customer needs in terms of quantity and lead times for temporary traffic sign deployment
  • maintenance of road signs in compliance with approved project documentation and assurance of traffic safety
  • secure, safe and fast work in the long term with mobile signalling equipment
  • services on all road categories (local, county, provincial, national, expressway and motorway).

Our long-standing experience allows us to develop project documentation that fully meets the requirements of traffic management authorities. That is why we receive the relevant assessments and approvals from the relevant administrative bodies – without undue delay.
Our project deliverables include:

  • Emergency site protection drafts
  • Scheduled temporary traffic organization schemes
  • Modifications to public transport operations
  • Construction site traffic management
  • Roadway pavement restoration
  • Traffic light reprogramming

Target traffic organization

We provide end-to-end services for the deployment of target traffic signs, both in vertical and horizontal systems (with the application of thin-layer, thermoplastic or chemically cured horizontal signage technologies). Our key advantages:

  • Long-standing experience in the production of road safety signs, panels and related equipment
  • Continuous cooperation with leading road traffic solution manufacturers
  • Our own production facilities
  • Experienced teams of installers and machine operators

Traffic safety components and small architecture

Our experience includes the production and installation of enhanced road safety solutions (crash posts, crash barriers and railings). We use effective and aesthetic forms of urban engineering elements and small civil structures erected for land development with small architecture (i.e. benches, waste bins, shelters for bicycles and public transport stops, bicycle stands, and relaxation and recreation equipment). We choose solutions having full functionality and suitable styling in order to retain or highlight the right atmosphere on site.

Road restraint systems

An essential part of our business is the maintenance and installation of road safety and restraint systems that comply with the PN-EN 1317 standard. With the experience of our installation teams, and the application of professional and effective equipment, we can guarantee short lead times for the effective execution of new road safety and restraint projects, all with full safety for our customers. We understand the problems of installation practice, so we know how to select the optimum solutions for this area. We focus our operations on national roads, expressways and motorways, while ensuring our workforce have professional protection systems. We also provide engineering consulting in the design, installation and maintenance of the road restraint systems we offer.

Roadway lighting and traffic light systems

An essential area of our business is the construction, retrofitting and maintenance of traffic light systems. This is how we contribute to improved road safety and streamlined traffic flow for all road users – motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. We are highly experienced in the deployment of smart accommodative solutions for traffic optimization. We use high quality construction materials and equipment to deliver high-end, aesthetic and state-of-the-art traffic light systems. Our experience and know-how in this area help us to deploy temporary traffic light modifications, a frequent and indispensable part of substitute traffic organization in highly urbanized zones. We also build lighting systems for roads, parking areas and parks. With our wide selection of lamp post and lantern styles, we can certainly create the desired atmosphere for the target installation.

Environmental protection equipment

The dynamic evolution of the Polish road system has left many habitats for amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals directly adjacent to the road traffic routes. Periodic migrations and movements across roadways have increased the mortality rate of these creatures. The solution to this important issue is a system of animal access controls for roads. We have practical experience in the design and on-site deployment of specific road access control solutions. Supported by our qualified team, we can design and select customised and optimal solutions for access prevention variants (prefabricated plastic fencing, metal fences or pre-cast concrete barriers). The projects we have completed so far, and the references from them, prove the high quality of our solutions and compliance with strict technical standards.