Budowa dróg

Rotomat has been a recognised brand for complete road safety maintenance since 1992. Our actions come from our inventiveness, and we continue to expand our production range and our services. We achieve dynamic market development by applying innovativ technologies and meeting customer needs in a swift and professional manner. Our highly qualified and experienced staff assure reliable and timely contract lead times. The cornerstone of our business is flexible operation, compliance with contractual obligations and standards, care for aesthetics and the environment, consistent growth of our assets and operating effectiveness.
Key business areas:

  • Complete (summer and winter) maintenance of roads and civil structures
  • Construction, redevelopment and repair of roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian pavement
  • Landscaping and land development services
  • Deployment of solutions for eco-friendly environmental protection
  • Containment of road pavement failure sites, and water, sewage, gas and power line failure sites within roadways
  • Design and implementation of temporary traffic organization
  • Construction and maintenance of:
    • target (horizontal and vertical) traffic organization
    • road safety equipment
    • small architecture
    • roadway lighting and traffic light systems
    • road restraint systems